COVID-19 UPDATE: Effective 5/1/21

The safety of staff and customers is of the utmost importance.

There is a lot of information regarding these services, so we’ve pulled it all together. Our goal is to make visiting the library as seamless as possible. In order to do so, we ask that patrons read and understand what we’ll be doing to make that happen.

Due to different circumstances each Westmoreland library, has their own limited services. We ask for your flexibility and patience as we all work together in the county network.


Bin deliveries are currently four days a week and progress as WCFLS sees fit. Item requests from other libraries may take longer than normal.


Items can be returned at the desk, including Interlibrary loan items. All items are then quarantined for 24 hours.


Occupancy will be limited in the building at all times. We have limited building capacity to maintain social distancing.

  • Masks must be worn inside the library.
  • Three public computers will be available.
  • Hygiene stations will be available.
  • If you are feeling ill, please stay home and visit back when you’re better!
  • We want ALL of our patrons to be safe, including our young visitors. Please keep the following in mind:
    • Children 11 & under must be accompanied by an adult (18 or over)
    • The child must remain with the adult at all times
    • Children cannot be dropped off at the Library alone

Limited computer use:

  • limited number of computers will be available.
  • Service is offered on a walk-up basis, first come, first served.
  • You may have to wait in line.
  • Sessions will be limited to 30 minutes maximum, and you will only be able to use one session per day.

The printer/copier/fax machine is self-service.


  • Meeting rooms are now available and can be reserved by calling the library: 724-568-2212
  • In-person programs have resumed and are following CDC guidelines.

We understand this is a lot of information. We sincerely appreciate your attention to these important points regarding limited service. Please understand that these changes are recommended/mandated by the OCL & CDC guidelines and are to ensure the safety of our patrons and staff. In addition to this, we ask for your patience and understanding as this will be a new learning experience for everyone as we slowly introduce our services. The guidelines are changing daily and we will adjust our procedures accordingly.

Please call 724-568-2212 if you have any questions.