Santa Letters

BEGINNING NOVEMBER 2: Make your children’s Christmas extra special this year with a personalized Letter from Santa. 

You can order three different ways:

  1. Stop into the library during our opened business hours.
  2. Online(see below)
  3. By Mail (If you choose this method please contact Vanessa at )

For a $5.00 donation, Santa will write an individual, personalized letter to your child. 
Here’s what you will receive for your $5 donation to our library:
• There will be a “real” picture of Santa on your child’s letter.
• The letter will be signed by Santa using real pen.
• Santa will start the letter with your child’s name.
• Your child’s home state and friend or child relative’s name will be mentioned to make it really believable.
• The letter will arrive in an envelope with the North Pole address hand written on it as well as your child’s address.
• We offer 4 totally different letter options.

Deadline to order is by December 12.
All proceeds benefit the library.

Order online now: