STEM Saturday Lego Challenge

Week 1: Dessert Challenge: You’ve landed on a desert island and it looks like you’re going to be stuck here awhile. Build yourself an awesome tree house shelter. Share a photo of your creations to and you will be entered into a drawing for a $5 Sweetlane Chocolate Shop gift card! Please include the builder’s first name and grade with the photo! This will allow us to do the drawing for the winner at the end of the month. Deadline for week 1 is Monday, May 11 by end of day.

Week 2: Get out your LEGOS! (or gather them because they are probably already all over the floor 😉) This week’s LEGO challenge is:
💫🚀 You’ve landed on Mars, but your spaceship did not survive the trip. Now you need to get back to Earth. Build a spaceship to travel back to home.Take a photo of your creation by this coming WEDNESDAY and submit it to along with the builder’s first name and grade. Everyone who does LEGO challenges throughout the month of May will be entered to win a $5 gift card to Sweetlane Chocolate Shop. That means if you do the challenge each week, you will have 4 chances to win. We also just want you to have fun building!

Week 3: This week’s LEGO Challenge: 5/23/20
 You are in charge of building a zoo. What animals will live there? What kinds of homes/habitats do you need to create for them?

For this challenge you can focus on the living spaces you are creating for your animals. You can challenge yourself a little further to build your animals out of those boxy blocks. Use your imagination! If you have little non-Lego animal figures that you would like to use instead, that is perfectly okay too.Submit photos of your zoo in the comments below with the builder’s first name and grade. Please share them by WEDNESDAY of this upcoming week. If you have submitted in past weeks, feel free to submit again! That only increases your chances of winning the $5 gift card to Sweetlane Chocolate Shop! The drawing will be done at the beginning of June and we will contact the winner. Happy building, everyone!

Week 4: 5/30/20
This is our last May LEGO Challenge! Get ready . . . .
Sometimes it can be fun to share. Create a LEGO candy dispenser for candy that you can share with others at home. How do you put candy into it? How does the candy come out of it?

Submit your photos to with the first name and grade of the builder. Share your creations with us by the WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3.

Submissions earn a chance at a $5 Sweetlane Chocolate Shop gift card that will be raffled off early in June. Happy building, everyone!