Summer Reading Program

The 2020 Collaborative Summer Library Program will be our portal to a fantastic summer program for all ages.

Pre-register here:

Our summer reading program is online this year through Beanstack so you can register at the link above, but **you won’t be able to log your reading until the summer reading challenges officially start on July 1.**

We’ve created fun reading challenges for all ages (babies, kids, teens, and adults). When you sign up, you can add multiple readers all under one account and it will automatically set each reader up with the appropriate reading challenge for their age.

-Summer reading is FREE!
-Easily keep track of your reading through Beanstack
-Earn digital badges
-Connect with other readers
-Go on adventures!
-Win prizes!

Since this year’s summer reading theme is Imagine Your Story, you’ll find reading challenges that encourage reading and include activities designed around the theme of fairy tales, myths, folktales, and storytelling. Each age group will have four activities outside of reading that will encourage them to imagine they are going on a journey/quest. We’re so excited for you to join in!

**Prizes: Infant – 17 year olds will earn a new book of their own once they complete their reading challenge. All readers can earn tickets toward the grand prize for their age group as they complete their reading challenge.

You can create a login for our summer reading challenge using the link above or download the Beanstack app for easy access to your reading challenges from anywhere.

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