Library Policies

Library Cards

Library cards must be used to borrow materials, use computers, play games with the electronic game boxes or watch DVD’s with the DVD player in the Teen Alley.


Adults: For adults to register for a library card, an acceptable form of identification matching the name with the current address must be shown. Acceptable forms of identification include driver’s license, photo identification card, mail postmarked within the last 30 days, utility deposit receipt or rental lease.


Youth: An adult parent or guardian must be present for library card applicants under the age of 18 to receive a library card. The parent or guardian must complete the youth library card application. A guardian is identified as an adult who has legal custody of the child or is a grandparent. An acceptable form of identification must be presented by the adult. A juvenile is identified as elementary school age. A student is identified as anyone in middle school or high school.


The fee for a replacement library card is $3.00.


The Vandergrift Public Library is not responsible for any unauthorized use of a library card. To minimize liability, cardholders should inform the library immediately if their library card becomes lost or stolen. Reporting the card lost or stolen can be done in person at the library or by phoning the library at 724-568-2212. Cardholders are held responsible for any items checked out and any fines incurred by the use of their library card prior to card being reported lost or stolen.

Loan Periods

There is no charge to check-out library materials. All Vandergrift Public Library materials circulate for 14 days.


Library materials, unless reserved for another patron, may be renewed up to four additional loan periods. Library patrons may renew materials themselves through their online library accounts, by phoning the library at 724-568-2212 or in person at the library.

Patron Records

Patrons with a library card may have access to their library account. Parents or legal guardians may have access to their children’s library account. In addition, patrons may view their account and modify some personal information by accessing their account online or in person at the library with a library card.

Borrowing Limits

Adults who are first time library card holders i.e. a new patron, may have up to 3 borrowed items on their account at any given time.
After the six month period, adult library patrons may have up to 20 borrowed items on their account at any given time. Within this limit, patrons may borrow up to 5 DVD’s or audio books.
Juvenile and student library card holders may have up to 3 borrowed items on their account at any given time.

Borrowing through Westmoreland County Library Network

The Westmoreland County Library Network online is a county-wide card catalog system linking materials from 24 libraries in Westmoreland County. Requested materials may be picked up at your preferred library, with a loan period of 14 days. Renewals are permitted on most items if it has not be reserved by another patron. Late fees are determined by the loaning library.

Returning Materials

All borrowed materials may be returned to any Westmoreland County library location.

Fines and Fees

Fines on overdue materials from the Vandergrift Public Library are $.25 per day excluding Sundays and holidays. Other libraries in the Westmoreland County Library Network charge fees ranging from $.10 – $.25 per day excluding Sundays and holidays. Fees for lost or damaged materials are determined on an individual basis according to the original cost of the item. A processing fee of $3 is charged per lost or damaged item.
Library materials may not be checked out to a patron while there are outstanding overdue items and/or fines on their patron accounts.


Unpaid fines and unreturned materials will result in the following actions:
  • Revocation of borrowing privileges
  • Suspension from using computers

Unattended Child Policy

Children under the age of 10 years old cannot be left unattended in the library. This also applies when children are attending programs in the library. Children 10 years of age or older may use the library unattended, subject to other policies and procedures of the VPLA concerning conduct and behavior. However, the parent or caregiver is responsible for the behavior of his/ her child while in the library, even if that parent or caregiver is not in attendance. In addition, at no time can library staff attend a child of any age for any period of time, even at the behest of the child’s parent or guardian.
It is the responsibility of the parent or caregiver to know the hours of the library and to pick-up their child before the library closes. If the behavior of any child on library premises becomes an issue the child may be issued a verbal warning, a written warning and/or be banned from the library.