Donations & Support

The Vandergrift Public Library is a nonprofit organization that receives state and local funding but also depends on generous contributions from friends and patrons. We appreciate the generosity of individuals who choose to support our library.

There are many ways to donate to the Vandergrift Public Library – by PayPal, regular mail or in person at the library. Gifts of all sizes are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible. Consider the following “giving ideas”:

  • Sponsor a book;
  • Give a gift of securities;
  • Designate a gift to the library in your will;
  • Name the library as your charity for the next corporate fundraiser;
  • Have a party to celebrate a milestone with the gifts designated for the library;
  • Use our program room to host your event to raise funds for the library;
  • Donate a valuable item or vacation destination that we can offer as part of a raffle fundraiser;
  • Organize a fundraiser for the library! Contact us at with your idea and our director will be in touch!

Amazon Wish List

Amazon Wish Lists are a great way to support the library. By purchasing items on our wish lists you are providing the library with supplies and materials we need, allowing the funds the library would’ve spent on those items to be used for other things such as wages, bills, or programming.

Reoccurring Purchase List contains consumable items that the library uses everyday. These items will remain on the list after they are purchased, but staff will mark in the comments the last purchase date of the items to reduce duplicate purchases at the same time. The link for that list is:

Book Wish List contains books that we would like to add to the collection. We’ve created this list to ensure books that we received are books that can be cataloged and add to our system. As our county network has strict cataloging restrictions and we do not have an authorized person on staff. We are striving to create a more inclusive and diverse collection, this means selecting books that represent all types of people. Books that are not already in the system cost $14 each to be added. If you wish to purchase a book we cannot catalog in our library, you are responsible to make a donation to cover the cataloging costs, or we cannot guarantee that it will be added to our system or when it may be added. Our Book Wish List can be found here:

Program Supply Wish List contains items that we would like to have for our programs. These can be items that we need only once or items that we need to replenish. Any excess will be stored and saved until it can be repurposed for another program. Programming is a huge part of our library, and any assistance on costs means we can do even more! The list for programming supplies can be found here:

Annual Fund

Once per year, active patrons and businesses are invited to support the library through giving a donation. Anyone may give a donation toward this effort. We are grateful that the Vandergrift Borough Council and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides funding to help with a portion of our operating budget. We are expected to fundraiser the additional money needed.

Giving Levels
$1-$99 Bookworm
$100-$249 Editor
$250-$499 Publisher
$500-$999 Bibliophile
$1000-$1,499 Scholar
$1,500-$2,499 Author
$2,500-$4,900 Best Seller
$5,000+ Pulitzers


You can commemorate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirement, holidays, and other special events, or provide a memorial for a loved one. For each gift of $25 or more, we will place an inscribed bookplate in a new book in our collection. Please see more information under “Commemoration.” Suggested wording includes:
“Given in Memory of John Smith, 1930-2005, by Susan Smith.”
“Given to celebrate the birth of Isabella Johanna, born October 10, 2008.”
“In honor of Tom Jones’ 50th birthday, from his wife.”
“Happy Anniversary, Dick and Jane, July 1, 2007.”
We welcome suggestions of a topic or title that would suit the honored person, subject to the library’s usual selection guidelines. Though most library materials have a limited shelf life due to wear, loss, or other factors, the gift lasts longer than a bouquet or dinner out!

Heritage Gallery of Family Portraits

Here is your opportunity to publicly honor your family or loved through displaying you cherished, family portrait in the “Heritage Gallery of Family Portraits.” A special area in the Reading Room has been designated for this purpose and for a nominal fee, your portrait could be included. Please see more information under “Heritage Gallery of Family Portraits.”